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A New Study Shows Obesity Could Be Cured By Cutting Off "The Hungry Hormone" & I Am Fully Ready To Sign Up

NY Post- Obesity could be cured without diet or exercise with a radical trial launched into turning off the so-called “hungry hormone.”

The trial is set to investigate a process that could cut the desire to over-eat and reduce weight in just 40 minutes.

And the process would cost the NHS £1,500 – a quarter of the price of normal fat-loss surgery.

A trial, led by Ahmed R. Ahmed, a bariatric surgeon at London’s St Mary’s Hospital, will see nearly 80 volunteers go through the procedure called bariatric embolisation and have their ghrelin turned off, which is nicknamed the ‘hungry hormone’.

Due to expense and logistics, the NHS performs 6,000 bariatric procedures such as gastric bands, bypasses and sleeves a year, leading to long waiting lists.

Speaking to the MailOnline, Mr Ahmed said that if bariatric embolisation became routine, patients could be out of hospital in two hours.

“You could go in hungry and come out not hungry,” he said.

Hold the phone....We have a hungry hormone?!? What the fuck is that and why have I not been made aware of this after 25 long years of life? By the looks of this article it's simply the stuff in your body that makes you hungry and by cutting this it would cure your body's desire to over-eat which also sounds like an absolute DREAM. I think my fellow fats & I can easily agree that a real big problem of ours is over-eating. For example if we're at a barbecue restaurant it would be a very rare occurence for us to order just some Brisket...usually we have to order the brisket, the ribs, the sausage, AND maybe the burnt ends because how could you NOT want the good cubed up pieces of the brisket? Oh and of course mac n' cheese and beans on the side.

Now I'm thinking about a world in which i can enter a barbecue restaurant like a normal human and order say a 1/4 smoked chicken with 1 measly side of cole slaw and walk away a happy man while not thinking twice about it. That is a world I one day want to live and apparently just may be thanks to these British doctors cutting off the good old fashioned hungry hormone. Not to mention not getting hungry which just rock since getting hungry kinda sucks. I lowkey think being hungry hurts, no? There was a time in about 2nd grade where I went to the school nurse cause my chest hurt a bunch and my dad had to come pick me up from school it got so bad...

Wind up was I was just hungry. Now that would be absolutely wonderful if we could end sensations like that. Can't have generations of 2nd graders in the future going through that trouble.