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We Got A Wild Ass Scene In The CFL: Toronto Player Went Into The Stands And Threw A Haymaker At A Hamilton Fan

[TMZ] - Several members of the Toronto Argonauts went into the stands to confront fans on Sunday -- with one player actually throwing a huge haymaker at a man who got in his face.

According to witnesses, some fans had spilled drinks on the players, causing the initial commotion, and you can see in footage shot by bystanders, things quickly turned violent.

Cops tell TMZ Sports they are investigating the incident. A CFL spokesperson, meanwhile, told Sportsnet the league is reviewing the matter as well.

Holy shit, very rarely do we actually see a player throwing a haymaker at a fan, but this is one of them. Leave it to Canada and the CFL playoffs. Usually when we see this sort of headline or something I assume it's European soccer or basketball. Just kind of standard over there sometimes. Some may say their fans care a little *too* much. I don't believe that, it's called being an insane fan. 

I'll say this, this fan is extremely lucky that punch didn't really land. That was a wound up, coming off a game football player. There's some anger in that punch. There's some heat coming right to face. I'd prefer not to get punched, especially like that. 

Now if this is true that the guy spit beer at a player, I have zero problem with one punch. I believe it was KFC who had the theory you should be allowed to fight a fan one time per year. Once you use it, it's up. Getting a drink spilled on you sucks. It's one of the worst feelings when you're out at a bar and there's a little bump and a vodka soda goes flying. The only thing worst than that is someone spitting it at you. That's just ... wrong. Only word I can really say to describe it. It's even more of a bad beat when you lose 27-19 to the Tiger-Cats. 

I am wildly confused how this happens though. There's a good 45 seconds of no security. Where the hell is everyone? Every sporting event has a million security people working. There are cops even there. You have players in the stands and no one being like hmm this seems wrong! I know it's the CFL but you gotta be on your toes here fellas. 

Let's all just agree on one thing. Don't spit beer at people. I don't care if it's at a bar or a football game. Just drink your beer.