NOTHING Matches The Thrill Of Hunting, Nothing At All

To get the full scope of what Chief and I have been up to with Sydnie over the last couple of weeks, watch these two videos first. They're quick, they're funny, and they perfectly capture the dichotomy of two idiotic couch potatoes that have lived in or around Chicago proper for most of their lives on their first hunting excursion with a professional hunter and her family of professional hunters.

Here they are! 

Part I: 

Part II: 

We came back this weekend for a few reasons. The foremost reason is because we had an incredible time two weekends back and wanted to go chill in the man cave with Sydnie, her family and her awesome dog Jack again. The other reason is because we truly enjoyed our experience even though I whiffed (which should come as a shock to nobody) and Chief didn't get a chance to even shoot at one. We needed to bring everything full circle. 

Now, we don't really attack all of our projects with a plan. Kinda just go where the wind blows us. Because of that, I already kinda/sorta spoiled the third video with this tweet: 

The rush of tagging my first deer was an emotional rush I've never experienced before or can come close to adequately putting into words. I was shaking UNCONTROLLABLY. Those who hunt know exactly what I'm talking about; those who don't, don't. 

The third part of the most anticipated trilogy of all time will come out early next week. We don't always attack our projects with a well thought out/organized plan of attack. Just kinda go where fate leads us. Because of that I couldn't resist not bragging to Chief and the Twittersphere about tagging my first career deer. That said, we got a FUCK ton of footage over the last two days. A FUCK ton. The deer I tagged is just a complement to the rest of the footage, so get ready for it. You'll love it, that's a promise. If you don't, fuck off. We have multiple angles of my shot, me tracking the deer, us gutting the deer, and everyone's reactions when they found out I finally got one even though we were in different stands miles apart. 

There's a common joke that goes around Barstool where we try to "grow the game" of our respective sports. Sydnie does an INCREDIBLE job of that. I never in a million years thought I'd hunt. Too big of a pussy and I like animals too much. But once you become educated on conservation and population control, you start to think of it way differently. I just turned 33 years old a month ago; I will now be a hunter for life. I am already in the process of getting off my apprentice license and instead getting fully licensed so I don't have to legally hunt with a pro like Sydnie. Her and her family's hospitality is why, and I recommend and fully endorse it to anyone who's looking to pick up a new hobby or even lifestyle. 


- I got a lot of shit for the middle finger pic, and I now get why and truly apologize. It was a middle finger directed at Chief because we had a race to see who would tag one first and I knew I won. Don't blame Sydnie for it, it was all me and our camera guy who also is brand new to hunting and aren't yet up to snuff. Gotta respect the kill both before and after its death. I know that now and don't want to disrespect hunting etiquette or get Sydnie or her family "in the crosshairs" of other people who take this sport or lifestyle seriously. 

- People were shit talking me because I shot a doe and not a buck. From my understanding, each county has a finite amount of buck tags they sell each season because there are 3 does to 1 buck right now in that part of the state. The buck tags are sold SUPER quickly each season for obvious reason.. Chief and I missed them so we were limited to doe only, which is a fattier (read: tastier) animal anyways. Sydnie's dad said the doe I tagged was 150-160 pounds and one of the bigger does he's ever seen (not to brag) 


- If you're on the fence about hunting, I'll reiterate - just do it. Give it a chance. I understand the hesitation and if it weren't for content, I would have never given it a shot. Now I'm all in. It's a thrill in every way. Just take me at my word there. 

I cannot wait to see where this new hobby leads. My sister just bought 50 acres in NE Tennessee, Chief's cousin wants us to come out to New Hampshire to hunt his land, and Stoolies all the way from the TX border to Alaska have reached out to have us come hunt their lands. I fully plan on boondoggling my way into Syd's brand a time or two a year for videos like the ones above and the videos that will come out next week.

Until then, aim small miss small.