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Even Christen Harper (Jared Goff's Girlfriend) Was In Utter Disbelief After Finding Out The Lions Finally Won A Game

Gonna go ahead and give the Lions another win for this. Christen Harper finding out the Lions got a win was basically everyone who didn't have Red Zone yesterday. There's something still pure about finding out the final score on the bottom line like the old days. Remember those days? You'd go to sleep early or be traveling or whatever and slap on the TV hoping to see who won. You'd miss the score by a half second and have to sit through all the leagues, all the scores until finally you were ready to see it. Obviously they'd go to commercial at that time too and you'd miss the score again and just get pissed off waiting for the newspaper to arrive. 

Sorry, a little bit of a tangent there. Christen Harper. Focus Reags, focus. It's true though, the Lions actually did win a football game. They didn't tie, they didn't lose. They flat out won. 

And you can read Clem's blog here. 

I can't stop laughing at Harper dropping 'this is their first win.' It's so pure, so genuine. It's almost like the weight is off her shoulders to finally get a win without Sean McVay there. I'm pretty sure she was even about to cry there at the end. That's the sort of person you need in your corner if you're Jared Goff. Fighting through a season where you can't get a win and everyone starting to roast you. Nope. You get a win and Christen Harper stops the swimsuit shoot to let everyone know it's the first win.