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Mike Vrabel Just Handed The NFL Officiating Twitter Account a Body Bag From His Couch At Home

I'll tell you what....the NFL Officiating twitter account can use all this legal jargon they want, but that sure does look like a catch to me. 2 feet, tucks ball, takes a third step. Let's go over to our rules expert Mike Pereira to....wait, what was that?


Mike Vrabel from the top rope!!! The NFL may have given the Titans the week off, but Mike Vrabel isn't given the NFL the week off. Quoting the rulebook right from his couch. Out here showing the officials that he knows the rules better than they do. He might be an asshole, but at least he's a correct asshole.

Now I'm not quite sure what his motive is here....but I do love that he's about to be the first ever NFL coach to be fined for tweeting about officiating from his couch. Could it be that a Chiefs win puts four teams at 8-4 atop the AFC Playoff Picture? Could it be that he doesn't want to see the Chiefs in the playoffs? Could it be that he hates refs? Or could it be that he just wants to watch the world burn?

Whatever reason he has, I absolutely love it. Can't wait to see the NFL fine Vrabel for being right.