Gardner Minshew Was So Fired Up With His Dad After His First Win With The Eagles

Well that was awesome. Maybe even more awesome than when that sick bastard Gardner Minshew went 20-25 for 242 yards and a couple of tuddies as he lead the Birds to his first win as QB1 here in Philly. As much as I hate the fact that this city is perpetually plagued with QB controversy, I think we have a true QB controversy on our hands here. 

Jalen Hurts is awesome. He's so easy to root for. But I the hell are you ever supposed to root against this guy?


Just as pure of a beauty as they come. Every sense of the word. And then you see how pumped he is with his old man after the game and you can't help but want to watch that at least 4 more times and then another few more in the playoffs. 

By the way, his old man is a beast. He barely moved an inch after that first chest shove and then that fist bump was heavy as hell. The fact that neither of their knuckles shattered there was a miracle. You can tell it's not their first rodeo. Proud pop. Proud son. Not much to not love about any of that. 

Go Birds. Super Bowl.