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Dan Campbell Dedicated The Game Ball From Today's Lions Win To The Oxford High School Community

Awesome stuff from Dan Campbell after the first coaching win of his career. There are plenty of things that we get excited or bummed out about every single NFL Sunday and I think everyone outside of Vikings fans were thrilled to see the Lions get a W today. Yet hearing those names makes you realize how everything we get up and down about on days like today are essentially utter nonsense. 

A bunch of strangers winning a football game an hour away from where that hell unfolded doesn't mean much in the long run. But you hope that the Lions winning today as well as Michigan winning the Big 10 yesterday will give some of the friends and family members of the people Campbell mentioned even a little bit of joy during the nightmare they are living through.

We made a shirt in honor of Tate Myre who died defending his classmates, with all proceeds going toward his memorial scholarship fund.

If you don't want the shirt but would like to donate to the fund directly through PayPal, here is the link for that as well.