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Now Playing: 'Creed Greatest Hits' (FULL ALBUM)

There's nothing worse than music shaming. I've lived through one of the great music shaming generations in the history of mankind and I've hated every second of it. Spice Girls had hits in the 90's and it's okay if you enjoyed them. Same thing goes for everybody from Backstreet and Sum41 to whatever shitty emotional stuff got you through the mid 2000s. I agree Dashboard Confessional is probably underrated. 

A lot of time and trouble spent enforcing fake music rules. Somewhere along the way this legislative body decided that Creed wasn't cool and that they didn't rock hard. I was there for it. I lived under this oppressive iron curtain that made Creed synonymous with being on the outside. Okay buddy go listen Creed sliced deep and I'll never really know why. 

In hindsight Creed is fucking awesome. They go hard. You could get lost at XSport listening to their catalogue just as easily as you could bite off 300 miles of Midwestern open interstate. Music for all the occasions and if you think I'm joking then by all means. Please give their greatest hits a stream without irony. I'm 5 tracks into the top side of the album and it's progressively getting better. You forget how many hits Creed has until you sit down and actually listen. 

The fact Scott Stapp will be rocking at halftime of the Arizona Bowl is something I'm still trying to process. The Voice of Creed performing for stoolies. Really going to be a special event. I wonder if he throws harder than White Sox Dave.