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The Reports of Alabama's Death Were Greatly Exaggerated

Alabama nearly lost to 6-6 LSU. It needed quite a bit in the fourth quarter to stave off Arkansas. The Tide scored three points in the first 59 minutes and needed four overtimes to beat Auburn just last week.

Georgia, on the other hand, was 12-0. It hadn't played a close game all season. No team had scored more than 17 points against the Bulldogs.

And then the two met in the SEC Championship Game and Nick Saban's squad reminded us it's still Alabama.

Pound for pound, I think it's reasonable to say Bama beating Georgia by 17 points is just as shocking as any result in college football this season. At kickoff, this UGA team was being talked about like nobody in the country could possibly beat it and the Tide went out there and opened up a big ol' can of whoop-ass. Bryce Young locked up the Heisman and the Tide cut through Georgia's supposedly invincible defense like a hot knife through butter.

So after many weeks of it looking like we'd have a Bama-less College Football Playoff, we may very well have another one with the Tide as the top seed in the country. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

There obviously won't be an SEC Championship Game rematch in the semifinal round, but it's entirely possible these two teams meet again in the national championship for the second time in five seasons. And if these two teams met again, I wouldn't know what to think now. I still believe Georgia is the best team in college football, but it sure didn't look like it today.

Three of the Playoff spots are now accounted for between these two teams and 13-0 Cincinnati. If Michigan wins tonight, it's an easy night for the committee.

Alabama has won the SEC again and will play for another national title. Thoughts and prayers to those of us who thought we might avoid this for one year.