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Big Ben Has Reportedly Began Telling People This Will Be His Final Season

It's time. It's been time. I'm glad that Ben is finally coming around to seeing that. Last week was just so bad. And no it wasn't all his fault by any means. The defense should retire, too, with the way it has been playing. But the current state of Big Ben certainly didn't help. 

To me this is a major relief. It's become exhausting seeing the constant bashing of this dude while also getting more mad because deep down you know it's true. It's become exhausting feeling like this organization is being held hostage by a guy who, before this report, seemingly couldn't see the writing on the wall. You can be forever grateful and thankful for the time Big Ben Roethlisberger was playing quarterback for the Steelers while also acknowledging it's just time to move on. That's OK. So I don't want this to be a bashing of Ben, or a celebration that he will be going. Because it's neither. It's simply a realistic football fan and fan of the Steelers saying "we just can't get it done with ya back there anymore, Cowboy". 

And hey - maybe this will be a rally cry for himself to get it done one last time against foes like Baltimore at home tomorrow and the Browns at home in a few weeks. I doubt it will, but one can hope. I'm just wondering who he has started to tell - especially on this current team. I'm sure guys like Pouncey, Heath, Keisel have gotten word. Maybe Willie Colon? Looking at the current roster I'd be surprised if anyone has been told by him. Maybe the team doctor or someone like Burt Lauten the head of PR. Have a hard time seeing him have this convo with friggin' Chase Claypool or Kendrick Green. 

I know we'll probably find out more tomorrow and this week when 7 inevitably gets asked about the report. But no matter what he says, this report should be the case. Everyone can see it now including the man himself - it's time to move on.