Sergio Pettis Landed An INSANE Spinning Backfist KO Last Night

I fucking love spinning backfists. When choosing a name for our "MMA brand" at Barstool Sports, I suggested it (as you see above, without the "G" in "spinning", as Twitter doesn't allow that many characters in usernames) because I think it's one of the coolest maneuvers the sport has to offer when it lands flush - and Sergio Pettis demonstrated that PERFECTLY last night at Bellator 272.

I was on stage with Pup Punk at Toad's Place during the fight, so I missed it live, but I hopped off to see this in the green room and had my mind blown. Sergio was clearly losing the fight against Kyoji Horiguchi before this moment, deep into the fourth round, and then proved the age-old saying "it only takes one" right. 

This is also the epitome of why MMA is my favorite sport. Big Ev put it well here....

Somebody getting their ass kicked for almost 20 minutes straight and then turning it around and having the biggest moment of their life because of one (INSANE) spinning punch off a missed kick? That's something out of a movie! that people would probably call unrealistic! Too wild for Hollywood! Not in the cage, though. 

Credit to Pettis for holding back that final shot as well.