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Everyone Panic - We Could Be Looking at a Chicken Tender Extinction Because of a Worldwide Shortage

The tweet above is making the rounds on the interwebs and I would be underselling it if I didn't say the future of humanity is at stake here. Every now and then we'll get a fear mongering NY Post tweet saying an asteroid the size of the Empire State Building is heading towards Earth only to find out when we click to read that it's gonna miss us by 5 million miles. I don't flinch when I see those stories nowadays. That all being said, you throw around threats of a chicken tender shortage? Panic alarms to the highest degree go off. 

Zero joking matter here whatsoever. Now I'm not exactly sure is the best source of knowledge these days, but a quick google search of the story shows there is potential legitimacy here. Apologies to the folks over at if they became the AP over night, I just need to be sure for the sake of you guys. 

Here is the story from Today

Chicken tenders are the latest item affected by supply chain issues during the pandemic, which experts say may mean higher prices for them at the grocery store and restaurants. The price of a value pack of chicken tenders has gone up nearly a dollar per pound since this same time last year, from $3.02 to $3.99 on average, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Chicken tenders, which are the smaller fillet of a whole chicken breast, require more processing to package and sell than chicken nuggets, which are made of scrap meat from the whole bird. That is why tenders can be harder to find or more costly, according to industry experts. Major chains like Kentucky Fried Chicken and A&W have changed their marketing plans to omit tenders from promotions in order to avoid selling out of them.

Yeah this cannot happen. You wanna charge me more for my tenders, go for it. I'll pay a premium for them no questions asked, but we cannot have tenders go extinct. It's not on the table in my book. That's something I simply cannot live without. Back in the 70s the world united forces to eradicate the small pox disease. Despite the Cold War going on USA and Russia worked on the same team to eliminate that shit from our lives. We need to do the same here for chicken tenders. What are we living for if at the end of the day if we cannot have chicken tenders? Nothing, that's the answer. 

Figure it out. Now. 

P.S. We're ending the blog on a good note and a reminder that today is Saturday. Feel free to get yourself some Chick-fil-A. You deserve it after reading this troubling news. Let's enjoy the good times while they're still here. Good luck out there.