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Derrick Henry Hasn't Played In Over A Month And Is STILL Second In Rushing This Season

It's been over a month since Derrick Henry last played in a game, Halloween vs the Colts was the game where he broke that bone in his foot but you wouldn't know he hasn't been playing if you looked at the NFL rushing leader list. Henry is still second in rushing with 937 yards. Jonathan Taylor has had a Henry like run the last few weeks and jetted ahead of everyone with 1,205 yards this season. Joe Mixon has been great the last few weeks himself but is still 13 yards behind Henry. It just goes to show what a historic run Henry was on before his unfortunate foot injury. He was literally running away from EVERYONE on the leaderboard, would have led the NFL in rushing again and easily would have skated by 2,000 yards. Shame, shame, shame. Been sitting on his couch for over a month and has only dropped one spot, it's almost comical.

It's not only rushing yards he's still near the top of the list for. He's still 4th in rushing touchdowns with 10, 1st in rushes with 2019 (LOL), still second in rushing yards after contact with 728, 3rd in first downs on the ground with 49. It's wild, he's missed a quarter of the season and is still damn near the top of every rushing stat. And no matter what happens this weekend he's still likely to be 4th in rushing yards. It's crazy that a guy can miss this many games and have had that big of a lead on everyone in rushing yards. He truly is a special back and we were robbed of a special season, and special back-to-back seasons. Things obviously haven't been going swimmingly for the Titans since Henry went down and it's easy to see why. He's the best running back in football when healthy, even Taylor is doing insane things this year too. It does bring a tear to my eye to see him up there on every rushing stat. I just want him healthy for a playoff run. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to watch highlights from the running back with the second most yards even though he hasn't played since 'Nam.