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You Gotta Love Seeing Klay Thompson Get Shots Up In Full Uniform Before Tonight's Game

Talk about things you love to see. Given everything Klay has gone through over these last couple of years, how could you not love to see him get closer and closer to a return. Looks like the same old Klay to me, even if this was just some shooting drills. Now that the Warriors have made it pretty clear they're going to be contenders this season, I think we all want to see what that looks like when you add a healthy Klay Thompson to the mix. Roles are going to change, especially for Jordan Poole and probably Wiggins as well, but this is Klay. Everyone loves Klay and he's one of the best shooters the league has ever seen. I hope his return is just like Kevin Durant's. He came back from a devastating injury and is better than ever. I wish for Klay to have that same success. Even if it makes the Warriors and juggernaut and the rest of us have to deal with that, fine. He's had to sit out a lonnnnnnng time, I hope he comes back and is the same player if not better.

I also love the move of rocking the full uniform. Not everyone can pull this off, there's a good chance you come off as a hardo, but it works with Klay. I would think you want to expose your brain to as much of the experience as you can so when the real thing happens you're ready. Wearing the jersey won't feel weird, you're more comfortable and next thing you know Klay starts a game 4-5 from three and the Splash Brothers are back to normal. 

All I know is the NBA is better when Klay Thompson is healthy and playing. Impossible not to root for the guy, and we only have a few more weeks to go.