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The City Of Chicago Is Threatening To Cut Down All The Trees In My Neighborhood And This Means WAR


I'm not typing out the full body of that letter out of fear that my heart & brain explode simultaneously. So please zoom in for more information on exactly how Chicago local government is going to fuck my neighborhood inside and out. Basically a water main replacement is holding the local arborist community hostage and I personally won't stand by idle. 

This is a tale as old as time in Chicago. Government overreach in an area that impacts and affects nobody. Budget cuts across the metropolitan area but we got an extra couple bags of cash to pay off the tree companies to bring out the chainsaws? That's one step above the LakeShore Recycling 3rd party sanitation contracts and everybody knows how dirty that sandbox plays. Would you believe me if I said Tree Care gets the same treatment? 

It's a barbaric industry. Tons of unregistered labor mixed with shoddy safety practices. But then you also have your big box tree care companies that bolster rosters of PhD level arborists and specialists. Everyone out there is bidding on the same massive municipal contracts with a huge spread of services, cost savings and related corruption to pick from. I have no choice but to look at this local crisis and instantly assume this is yet another tactic to line the pockets of a 3rd party city service provider. That's the only way I can rationalize cutting down over a mile's worth of solid oak. All so some asshole cutting re-election checks can profit off the natural destruction of my neighborhood? I'm sorry but fuck that guy in the face. 

The only reason anything ever gets done in this town is because of money. There's no such thing as "public benefit" and there's certainly nobody anywhere in Chicago doing anything because it makes sense for the city. They're doing it to advance their own self interest on the backs of good hard working people. Want an example? We're spending a million+ dollars to cut down trees that may or may not interfere with routine urban maintenance. If that makes sense to you then you're probably one of the bad guys. 

In that case, fuck you.