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Julius Randle Needs To Be The Spokesperson For NBA Players Everywhere After Going Off On The Refs Again

Hell yes, Julius. Hell yes. Refs are some of my least favorite people in the world and it's not exactly a secret NBA refs aren't great. Remember Julius said this after the Nets game. 

Now last night the Knicks had Taj Gibson ejected in the first quarter. 

What are we doing here? Well, besides a power trip which basketball refs are known to do on a nightly basis. What the hell are we doing here? Ejected for that? On arguably getting the foul call wrong anyways. I don't blame Taj for getting mad, it was a terrible call and an even worse ejection. Refs refuse to let players play the game at any level. They want to be the star. It should never be a thing where we know all these refs names and immediately have nightmares about the bad calls that are going to happen. 

Sure, the Knicks should probably stop getting down 20 and making comebacks. That's not a sustainable way to win. Sure, the Knicks need to stop turning the ball over and figure out a better late-game offense. You can't keep playing through Randle. He's a playmaker and a damn good player, but you need a guard to be able to break down defense. It's 2021, not exactly breaking news there. But the fact is the last two games have had some bullshit officiating. The technical on Randle, the fact refs said he's too big and strong to get foul calls and now the Taj ejection. 

So I will keep on backing Randle. Any guy who speaks out against refs like this is good in my book, even better when he's on my team. He better start getting a decent whistle or I'm going to angrily tweet and blog about it.