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Love Seeing Randy Bennett Get Feisty With Utah State's Head Coach In The Handshake Line After A Win

Nothing gets me going like a little coach animosity. It cracks me up that these dudes in their 50s and 60s are still so competitive they are willing to have some words for each other. Now, I don't blame either guy here. Both are right! It's rare in this situation but both are right because college basketball refs fucking stink and I mean they STINK. Last night we had Saint Mary's at Utah State for the best game on the schedule. Quick sidenote, can we fix that? Can we stop having loaded Tuesday's and Wednesday's and give us a shitty Thursday schedule. Balance it out. Let me breathe and concentrate on lie 4-5 games max during each night's different windows. 

But back to last night, Saint Mary's at Utah State. Some may a slow start. 

But unlike Arizona State (and no matter what Marty says about WCC/non-power 6 teams) Utah State and Saint Mary's are actually good. So there was no threat of a 29-point game on back-to-back nights. Back and forth the entire second half when mayhem happened late. 

Just a gross foul there, especially when you miss the one Bean driving originally. Unbelievably bad. But then there was more! Saint Mary's hits both free throws with .9 seconds left. Utah State throws a halfcourt pass, immediately calls timeout. Refs go to the monitor to determine how much time is on the clock and that's where Randy Bennett starts to get visibly frustrated. They put .6 on the clock and here's the final play: 

And we got a mess. Clock doesn't run. You could argue another missed foul call on Bean. Bennett getting pissed that they are back at the review table. Finally the refs just call the game. That's when we get Randy Bennett and Ryan Odom in the handshake line. Bennett didn't stop there though. He made sure the Utah State crowd knew Saint Mary's won. 

The clapping and fist pumping like he's Steve Ballmer? Love it. I'm not going to hide away from the fact I think sportsmanship is incredibly overrated and something people scream about because they like to be on their soapbox. If you're pissed, let it be known. I find it hilarious. It also just showed how much of a mess it was down the stretch with officiating and the clock. Need these teams to play each other every year now. Also need Utah State to stay relevant because they had one of the best home court advantages ever.