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There Can't Be Any Feeling In The World Cooler Than Going No Bucket For Warmups As An NHL Emergency Backup Goalie

Kyle Konin made his NHL debut last night in Tampa Bay. It may not be the way he had envisioned making it to the NHL growing up in the driveway. But the 23-year-old out of Grand Valley State University got the call from the St. Louis Blues to suit up as the EBUG last night against the Bolts and he got to live out the dream even if it was just for warmups. 

So naturally, being the college hockey beauty that he is, Kyle Konin was going to take full advantage of this opportunity. He got to head out of the tunnel first for the hot lap and then everybody knows the best part about getting to play in the NHL is going no bucket for warmies. 

There's not a single drug on this planet that can feel better than that NHL air breezing across your naked skull. No sip of alcohol, no touch of a woman, no nothing. It doesn't get better than getting a chance to rip a few laps around an NHL arena with get that hair flowing in the wind behind you like the back of Modano's jersey. What a moment. What a legend. And what balls on this kid to pull it off. I mean we've seen legitimate NHL prospects making their NHL debut who have taken a spill during their hot lap. This is a guy who was playing for the Topeka RoadRunners in the NAHL just a few short years ago, and he crushed that lap. Few good push offs with the right skate to get his speed going, a smooth turn around the circle, the whole thing was butter. 

Ville Husso stayed in net the whole game for the Blues and they ended up losing 4-2. But that's all besides the point. Kyle Konin did his job, opened up that gate like a pro, and I hope he has a long career as an EBUG ahead of him.