WILD Video Of A Man Stealing A Bus And Barreling Over Cars With It Like He's Playing Grand Theft Auto

That's it, I've seen enough and it is time we demand action! Rockstar MUST release a new Grand Theft Auto and they must do it this instant. I know they just reheated some of their old GTAs and tried to pass them off as high quality remastered versions for newer consoles. But this is what we were given along with the missions and storylines we've already beaten.

Once people start recreating GTA in real life, there should be orders from the highest parts of government demanding that a new game hits the streets so hijacked busses don't. Doubly so if we are in the middle of a global pandemic causing everyone to slowly lose their minds inside and feel out of sorts whenever they leave the house. You can't have 3 Wanted Star crimes (maybe 4 if you calculate the amount of cop cars at the scene) taking place in broad daylight, no matter how much humans love watching weird vehicles getting hijacked. 

Do the right thing Rockstar and save us from ourselves by putting all the work in the next GTA 5 online update into a GTA 6, because I don't know if we are going to make it to 2023 at this rate.