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Mama Told Me There Would Be Days Like This….

Thursday December 2nd 2021 sucked across the board. I got crapped on by what felt like 1/2 of Barstool Sports.

It all started on Picks Central when our esteemed producer TJ Hitchings revealed the Year To Date records. I am down over 100 units for the year and am ashamed.

Then Dave Portnoy piled on me after I tweeted about Dal/NOLA line movement.

The Saints lose 5th in a row ruining a promising 5-2 start. Taysom Hill threw 4 picks. The season is in the tank. Steven Cheah’s annoying ass could not wait to chirp at me about the Saints.

And to top that off, I lost the +600 FFFpod by 1.5 yards on a Zeke Elliot 10 yard run with 2 minutes left. I tossed my phone across the gambling cave in Barstool Sports office. That damn parlay is cursed!

What a horror show of a day.

Thank God there is a new one tomorrow. Nowhere to go but up from here. Let’s make it a good one.