Cody Rhodes Put Himself Through A Flaming Table, Covered His Opponent While ON FIRE, And His Back Is Now In SHAMBLES


A couple nights ago, AEW's Cody Rhodes had the idea to have his wife set a table on fire in the middle of the match. He then, however, had the AMAZING idea to do a move wherein he put *himself* through the table. You can see as he's covering his opponent he is literally on fire. 



Well last night pictures of his back emerged andddddddddd




He got BURNT BURNT. Michael Scott is on his way with bubble wrap. 

I always appreciate guys who do insane spots like that. And it wasn't even on PPV. I wonder how that meeting goes with lawyers beforehand. "Yes, it's real table. Yes, I am going to land directly onto it after my wife uses an entire bottle of lighter fluid on it first and sets it on fire. Yes, that is my real wife."

Meanwhile WWE just fired another one of your favorite wrestlers.