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Looks Like The Patriots Got The NFL to Launch An Investigation Into Mac Jones Wristband

If you hadn't read it, Mac Jones's wristband was taken from the Falcons' away locker room.

Well, there are more developments to the story including details of a huge league investigation asked for by the Patriots.

Names have been redacted but this is a Facebook post from the original Mercedes Benz Stadium employee. Now from the sounds of it, this is all the product of an ill-intentioned memorabilia collector causing everyone, especially this stadium worker, grief. From the looks of it, the Patriots are looking to be on the other end of a cheating scandal, and unfortunately, this worker is getting the brunt of it. The person also posted to the Patriots Reddit page in order to clear things up.

I do believe the guy did not have the intent to help another team cheat and try to decipher the Patriots' plays but how it was spread definitely gave off that vibe.

I blame Mac Jones for leaving his play wristband in the locker room in the first place. That is careless on his part and he's leaving a trail of secrets behind him that could threaten the team. Imagine if Belichick finds out about this? Imagine if Tom Brady had been leaving play call wristbands around, wouldn't have won 6 with the Patriots. It's a cutthroat league, don’t put it past teams to try to gain every advantage possible.