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It Appears As If Justin Verlander's Deal With The Astros May Have Hit A Snag Before The Lockout Took Place

Kind of an interesting twist here, we all remember when it was announced that Justin Verlander was staying in Houston and signing a 2-year, $50 million deal. Boom, signed, sealed, delivered, he's an Astro. It was announced by every beat reporter and seen as a done deal, just one problem. It was never officially announced and we have to assume it's not official. The Astros official twitter account never announced the signing, nothing from the team, it's fishy. It was November 17th when Ben Verlander tweeted that his brother was staying with Houston, but it's been crickets since then. They've had over 2 weeks since the initial announcement was made so what took so long? There's no way it was a paperwork mishap, they'd have gotten that figured out in the 2 weeks. Something smells fishy here. And since the lockout is going on there is no work that can be done on the deal, he technically is still a free agent. They'll have to get it worked out when the new CBA is agreed upon. It's weird that no official announcement was made, Verlander himself never made a statement, his brother who broke the news hasn't said anything since, he never appeared in the Astros 40-man roster, and nothing for it is listed on his transaction page online. There was an open spot on the 40-man for him too so it's not like they were waiting to clear space.

Now who knows if the deal is in limbo? That is what Heyman is suggesting. Could you imagine if some snag happened and they couldn't work through it with him and the deal fell through. It would be a mad race to sign him. They could just be taking their time getting him signed and had him sign in blood somewhere the wouldn't sign until after the new CBA, maybe its something like that. Regardless, it's weird that there has been 0 update on this and the speculation will continue to grow. This will probably give Yankees fans a little excitement since they thought they were in the running for Verlander. Was a it a medical that never got completed? Maybe, but the people are talking and rumors sure are going wild. Guess we'll have to wait until this lockout is over to see if Verlander stays an Astro or not. 


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