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Coach Prime Brought In Brittany Renner To Teach His Team A Thing Or Two About Life



Checkmate, Saban! Get bent, Dabo. There's a new king of the coaching world, and he's a man we all know well, Coach Prime himself, Deion Sanders. When your coach is going over the new nickel coverage moving the safety inside, what is Coach Prime doing? Teaching his kids the best sort of coverage, the "don't get scammed by an Instagram model in your DMs" coverage. You can run through tackling drills until the cows come home, but Coach Prime is teaching them how to tackle a little thing called life. 

Did Brittany Renner say anything of value? Oh, god no. I've never heard so many words with such little substance in my life. But man, those words sure did touch me, much like how a woman like Brittany Renner never would. She could have read an encyclopedia to the players and I would have been inspired. By the end of her pep talk I was the most educated man in the world. I felt like I could do it all.

And props to this man for taking out his pen and paper. 



That's the old saying- when Renner speaks, you listen. You take notes. You study. You absorb everything she puts out there, I know I have. I've spent countless hours really studying her work. I knew it would pay off for me one day, as until this point I'd say the Kleenex company had benefited from it the most.

So thank you, Coach, and thank you Brittany. Steve Jobs could never, ever inspire me like that. Ever.