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Castro1021 Has Been Permanently Banned From FIFA 22 Live On Stream

This is WILD. Castro is not only a massive FIFA streamer, but he's one of the largest streamers on Twitch with over 3.3 Million follows and hundreds of thousands live viewers per stream.

He's a juggernaut in the FIFA world, being the most notorious streamer and content creator for the game.

The ban came when Castro was trying to access the transfer market - aka the portal where you buy and sell players for your Ultimate team. Ultimate team is similar to fantasy football where you acquire players onto your team to make the "Ultimate Team." To get players, you need to open packs or buy players on the transfer market using coins. FIFA coins are awarded from winning games (minimal gains), but mainly by buying packs and then selling highly 

I haven't seen a clear reasoning why he was banned, so I'm assuming it's some sort of error on EA's part. Castro later also said that he dropped 300k FIFA points on black Friday which translates to roughly $2,500.

According to the error message, Castro was flagged for "coin distribution," which would be giving coins away to other accounts. Since there's no direct way to do this on FIFA, what players will do is list a bronze player (or any player) for way above asking price (I'm talking 10x - 100x the buy now price) and then have the counter-part buy said coin. So in the database it looks very fishy, why did this 65 rated player sell for 10k coins when it typically sells for 200 coins? Obviously, then you can do this with gold cards, silver, etc, you get the point.

Now, I haven't seen any proof of Castro doing this, but stayed tuned and I'll try to get to the bottom of this.

The ban is ONLY a ban on the transfer market. He's still able to play games, however he won't be able to buy and sell players which is the main point for playing Ultimate team.

Detective Rags out.