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BREAKING (Reblog): Antonio Brown Has Been Suspended 3 Games For "Misrepresenting His Vaccination Status"

Blogger's Note: Steven Cheah blogged this from the Bucs fan angle but I already wrote way too much with both my kids hanging on me to hit the Trash button which means you get my lukewarm take on this story

So I guess AB can take his time recovering from that ankle injury while his ex-chef can hit him with a text about revenge being a dish best served cold, which lands on multiple levels. I want to make a "Tell me you are suspending Antonio Brown for having a fake vax card without telling me you are suspending Antonio Brown for a fake vax card" joke but I think that's HIPAA. Besides, Brown's lawyer said he got the vaccine, even though it's crazy to see an innocent player decide against playing a game of legal tennis take for weeks in the Southern District Court of New York.

Plenty of people will call bullshit on Roger Goodell for not dropping the hammer on Aaron Rodgers, however Florio has this covered like you knew he would and explains why it's completely different.

Again, if you had to draft which current NFL player would be embroiled in a controversial story about a fake vax card, I think Antonio Brown would be everyone's 1-1 pick. So I guess we'll just throw this story that cost AB hundreds of thousands of dollars more than the $10K his chef asked for on the Barstool server hosting exclusively controversial Antonio Brown stories and go from there.

The lesson as always is to take care of your mentals, your chicken, and anybody that may have damming personal information about you that can get you in a bunch of trouble.

As for the person that may have played a role in this entire ALLEGED vax card scheme.

Giphy Images.

Not to be lost in the shuffle, this little nugget raised my eyebrow.

It's sad to see that a man with a proverbial degree from Last Chance U could find his ass in the jackpot once again. We need a Last Chance For Real This Time Football League for professional athletes because I'd watch the shit out of it. That being said, Wyatt Roberts was a fucking baller even if John Franklin put up video game numbers as QB that one game.