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Unreal Moment When An Older Dude Asks Drake ‘Are You Famous?’ While Sitting Courtside

What an unbelievable moment here. This older dude with some sick flow just out here minding his own business watching a Thunder game. Completely oblivious that Drake was even a famous person, let alone get on the big screen type famous. You can see it the moment it all clicks too.

Just an immediate ‘who the hell is this guy?’ look. But here’s my thing. Who is this older dude. There’s no doubt he’s worth millions if not more. I won’t rest until I find out who he is, so please tell me. I need to know what level of famous on famous we’re talking about here. At least what level of rich on rich.

Gotta admit him asking Drake ‘are you famous’ is very on par. People our parents age LOvE asking shit like that, usually to just regular people though. I’ve 100% had my dad ask me ‘is that someone?’ while walking around. No dad, it’s just a tall person.

What a moment.