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Jersey Jerry Promises A KNOCKOUT Against Jeff Nadu At #RnR16 Next Friday Night

IT'S ABOUT RESPECT next Friday night at Rough N' Rowdy 16. JERSEY JERRY vs JEFF NADU... HOT WHEELZ vs CHERRY BOMB... SHIZZAT DA RIZZAT vs SCARFACE... SMIDGE THE DOORMAN vs DYNAMITE... The list goes on and on. We have 25 amateur brawls lined up with a great mix of local legends, all-time rematches, a true feud for the main event, plus the live ring girl contest after the final bell and entire commentary team returning. 

Jerry vs Jeff is going to be a sight to behold no doubt but honestly I'm most excited about the title belt rematches we have coming, along with the 900 lb matchup of SLAP FOR CASH vs VITO THE TORPEDO. Check out some of those matchups below to get ready for the #RnR16 Weigh-In hosted by TroopZ next Thursday along with some Rone/Troopz + Robbie/Paddy The Baddy breakdown content coming SOON. December 10th will be a night Charleston, WV never fucking forgets. Preorder the PPV now on