NFL Safety Kenny Vaccaro Has Retired From Football To Pursue A Career In Esports And Launching His Own Organization Called 'Gamers First'

Former NFL Safety and Texas Longhorn, Kenny Vaccaro, has decided to retire from the NFL to pursue esports has his next career. He created the org "Gamers First" aka G1 and they'll be immediately pursing a Halo World Championship.

Pretty cool statement within this written piece from G1 - "While Kenny has excelled as a football player all his life, he identifies as a 'gamer first.'" Now that's pretty cool and I expect more and more of these athletes to be coming to the scene as the years go on.

It's wild to think, but with the new generations getting older, gaming will only become a larger part of their formative years. The future for gaming, esports and gaming content creation is very bright.

Additionally, we know guys like Kyler Murray, Devin Booker, Jon Rahm, Max Holloway and Leonard Fournette are huge gamers aside from experiencing a ton of professional athletic success.

Wishing Kenny and G1 gaming nothing but success and I hope they're ready to challenge the big dogs of Halo Infinite: OpTic Gaming!