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Nobody Has Ever Handled Getting Smoked In The Face With A Ball Better Than This Newcastle Fan

Sometimes it's the simple things in life. I'm a 34-year old father and still something like this makes me laugh. Every. Single. Time. Dude just enjoying himself getting ready for some Newcastle vs Norwich and bam. Ball to the face. But unlike others, he doesn't go down. Oh no friends. This man straight up teats the ball. Decent header back to the field even if he didn't mean to do it. That ball was moving too! Thing came in hot and the guy didn't budge. Some may credit that to likely having a few too many pints at the pub before the match. I call it fortitude. I call it strength. I call it being a Newcastle fan because how much worse could it be? 

Every time I see a video like this I think of America's Funniest Home Videos. Swear that entire show was made up of 1) people getting hit in the dome with balls 2) guys getting hit in the balls or 3) people falling into water off of something. Every single time. That was the show for like 35 years.

I don't even want to make fun of this guy, we should be giving him a round of applause. 99% of times you get smoked in the face like this you're going down like a sack of potatoes. Just crumpled on the floor holding both hands to your head wondering what the hell just happened. This could happen to anyone. Any Newcastle fan in the stands could have caught this ball to the face, but this man. This man rose above all. He proved soccer guys can be tough and in fact not flop. Barely even flinched. That man is the hero of Newcastle's season, mostly because they flat out suck.