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People Gave Hunter Renfrow an "F" Grade At The Combine And He's Turned Into A Very Good WR

Hunter Renfrow has always surprised everyone with his football ability. It is no knock to his accolades, it's just no one can figure out how exactly he is productive-Speed?-Strength?-Height?. Nothing really seems to add up.

The funniest thing about ^ that comparison tweet is this v comparison tweet.

This shouldn't be happening, and it is not even like Hunter Renfrow had insane draft quickness stats. He doesn't even have insane numbers in the small quickness Julian Edelman or Darren Sproles had. 

So how the hell has Renfrow been so good all these years? He came onto the national scene in 2017 when he came up in the clutch in the national championship game

The answer is entirely in his hands and spacing, he ranks 3rd when compiling everyone over 60 targets, but is first in those with over 80 targets. 

His ability to be so efficient is his greatest strength.

It's ridiculous how this is a statistic that has no other metrics that can determine how efficient they will be. How do you measure if a player is going to be so efficient if it is not reflected in any other statistics? How can you spot the next Hunter Renfrow? I know Renfrow was efficient in college but how do we figure out if that efficiency translates. Could catch % be the metric that shows how players will translate to the next level from college?