If You Don’t Know Who The Band “Cannons” Is, Get Familiar

Some time this past summer I was listening to Alt Nation and this track came on called “Fire For You”.

It was a simple guitar and electro pop bass backed track, with absolutely hypnotic vocals.

It sounded to me like a song that one of my favorite groups, The XX, would do.

The bands name behind the track was “Cannons.”

Alt Nation is one of, if not the best source for breaking new alternative music today.

They were playing AJR two years before they crossed over to mainstream and started getting spins on every pop station and showing up in tv commercials. Same with Grouplove, same with Oliver Tree, Tate McCray, Holly Humberstone, Andy Grammar, and on and on.

But they also play a ton of one hit wonders that have great debut singles only to never be heard from again.

I expected this band Cannons, an LA trio consisting of Michelle Joy (vocals), Ryan Clapham (guitar), and Paul Davis (drums and keys), to fall into that category.

That was until a few weeks ago when I heard their second single, “Bad Dream,” and realized they’re not a one hit wonder.

This is also a great record so I knew it was time to look into this band and check out the rest of their stuff.

It turned out that “Fire For You” was actually released on their 2019 album Shadows. The song took off like a rocket late this past spring after being featured in a big episode of Netflix’s “Never Have I Ever.”

Immediately after, (thanks to Shazam) their music video racked up more than 10 million streams and landed at the  #1 position on The Hollywood Reporter’s Top TV Songs Chart. Then the labels started calling and they eventually signed with Columbia Records. They’re now in the midst of working on a new album.

The thing I really like and that stands out to me about this groups sound is that it can’t be categorized or put into a box.

It’s part part indie rock, part electronic, part disco, part alternative, and even part 80’s funk.

The lead singer, Michelle, also has an incredible voice, and is an absolute smoke.



I can’t wait for their new album, and can’t wait to catch this band live. I have a feeling their music translates really well to a live show. 

I can’t wait for their new album, and can’t wait to catch this band live. I have a feeling their music translates really well to a live show. 

We talked about Cannons, losing it over masks, and also interviewed the one and only G-Love this week on White Sox Dave and I’s music podcast, “On The Guest List”.

I knew going in that our interview with somebody with as much personality, and as many shows under his belt as G-Love was going to be awesome. But I didn’t know it was going to turn out this awesome.

We talked about everything! Coming up opening for Dave Matthews Band, to playing the MainStage at Woodstock ‘99. He couldn’t have been cooler. Which explains why he’s got to sit in Tom Brady’s suite at Gillette with Gisele and his parents multiple times.

It’s a great interview, and show, and if you haven’t listened yet, it’s a great gateway episode to the podcast. My and Dave’s co-hosts couldn’t be fuckin cooler. Colin is a lead singer and guitarist from Philly for a band called “Foxtrot and The Getdown”. Kenny Carkeet is a guitarist from the acclaimed band AWOL Nation, and a mega producer for just about everybody in the industry as well as some major tv shows.

They’re all hilarious and have great takes on music.

So if you’re a music fanatic, or just a casual fan who would like to get some flaming hot takes mixed in with some ridiculous White Sox Dave stories, give us a follow and a listen.