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'The Challenge Lies, Spies And Allies' Week 17 Recap And Power Rankings -Surprise! Another Twist But Still It's Officially CT's Show

*Spoilers Obviously Ahead. Again, this is your warning* 

We're going to keep these blogs going. If we can't have No Quitters (RIPIP, send all complaints on Twitter) we're going to have the blog damnit. The Challenge is too damn good of a show to not be talked about. Each Thursday I'll drop one of these recaps and power rankings so we all can argue about America's fifth sport. I'll try to convince the other guys to do something from time to time because something tells me this season is going on for months.

This is CT's show

Not exactly breaking news here but it's still shocking what CT is doing. The man should be on All-Stars with everyone else he beat back in the day. Instead he's showing up against guys 15 years younger than him, striking the fear of God into everyone and dominating. Then he gets his own little moments where we see his son and wife and him being a dad. Shout out us dads. Good to see a man like CT make the same lame jokes we all do to our kids. But let's talk about what he did in the daily challenge. Challenge was a decent one, basically had to run across a beam above water to get a capsule and run back as other teams threw that ball at you. A little American Gladiators-esque. CT dominated it to start, not shocking. Kyle and Emy sucked, not shocking. So CT says fuck it I'll do it myself. Boots them out and just goes and gets 7 capsules by himself. He was catching the balls, throwing them back. While we think of CT as this physical player he's also one of the better mental players, especially now. He's elite at puzzles. He's smart at using tricks like this during challenges. Dude is just a genius at this game. 

TJ Lavin loves seeing people fall into water

Just worth watching TJ laugh his ass off as people fall into water. Dude loves it as much as he hates quitters. Speaking of which him just roasting Amanda for jumping into the water and the not being able to get up the ladder was peak TJ. Don't suck at challenges in front of him.

Speaking of Amanda 

Sup? She still terrifies me but sup here? 

Voting Logan in was not a shock

So you have Sapphire as the agency which meant it was down to Devin, Nelson, Emanuel or Logan being voted in. Not exactly shocking as CT and Devin has worked together a little bit. Devin is also Kyle's best friend. Nelson has kind of stayed out of their way. Emanuel and Logan are rookies but Emanuel and Emy are friends. CT tried to get Emanuel/Logan to really talk during deliberation but nobody was willing to speak up. Logan says he's blindsided by the pick because he saved each of them before, but the game is the game. 

The Elimination sucked

So the elimination was basically just endurance. They had 15 seconds to run, jump over some bar, flip a switch, run back. First person not to do it in under 15 seconds loses. Logan calls down Emanuel. I get it, he's friends with Devin and was on Ruby with Nelson. But Emanuel was the worst possible opponent in this sort of elimination. Naturally he ends up winning after Logan gets tired and slips over the bar. But this elimination, this late? It sucked. That's a night 1 elimination. Making it this far and having to get eliminated over 15 second wind sprints? Come on. Give me something better. Let's get back to the classics here. 

Another twist! 

So TJ drops that they are in the Lair and the Lair is where you eliminate people.We get the cliffhanger that there's going to be another two eliminations. We don't know anything else more just yet. I mean, shit, Sapphire is standing there in regular clothes. Are they eligible for the eliminations or are they safe? How are we sending people in? Just a straight up old school house vote? Maybe just let TJ pick who he likes least and send them down. Gotta be honest, they reeled me in with this. I'm going to be invested and somehow they know how to keep doing this. 

Where's trivia? 

Just wanted to toss this in there. But it seems like a legit chance we don't get a trivia episode this season. What the fuck? Trivia is a staple of this show. I need to see these morons get simple questions wrong while hanging above water. I'm going to complain about this because I can and should. 


LVP: Kyle

Power Rankings


5. Nelson

4. Kyle

3. Devin

2. Emanuel

1. CT


5. Nany

4. Amanda

3. Emy

2. Tori

1. Kaycee