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Arizona State Basketball Just Scored 29 Points. Total. For The Entire Game.

Rick Scuteri. Shutterstock Images.

I almost didn’t want to write anything about this and just keep putting in tweets from people around the country reacting to this game. 29 points! And it wasn't even a blowout. They only lost by 22. Feel like that's pretty respectable all things considered. 

I guess I should make sure everyone knows, this was a full Arizona State team. Not like they were decimated with injuries. They didn't play a back to back. They weren't resting anyone. This was a conference game that they scored 29 points in. I still can't get over it. It's not that long ago that Bobby Hurley's team could only play offense. Only missed the over by roughly 60 points. Feel like you should hold onto a ticket like that. It's rare that you miss THAT bad, especially when an under comes in. 

Gotta give credit to Arizona State for at least tweeting out the score. Sure, they didn't have a tweet from the starting lineup until this, but they at least tweeted out the final score. That shows … toughness or something. I don't know, I don't know how you score 29 points as a major Division I basketball team. 

Shame has been brought to Eddie House, James Harden, 

Giphy Images.
Giphy Images.

Hear me out. Bobby Hurley needs to go be Danny's assistant for a year if he gets fired. Just give us a year of the Hurley brothers together at a big time program.