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Nebraska's Trey McGowens Rolling Up To A Bench Clearing Scuffle On A Scooter Is The Highlight Of This College Hoops Season

Holy shit I can't stop laughing at this. Trey McGowens is injured but do you think that's going to stop him from getting involved in a bench clearing scuffle? I don't think so. Not when his brother is on the team. Not when Trey is one of the leaders of the team. He's going to take that scooter and get out there if it's the last thing he does. Perfect little glide in too. Couldn't have drew it up better. 

Of course TV Teddy is reffing this game too. 

All bench clearing scuffles (it was just a shoving match) needs to involve a scooter from here on out. Trey McGowens showed everyone in college hoops that if you're hurt you better still be willing to scrap, or at least pretend like you're willing.