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Video Of Tommy Rees Telling Notre Dame Players That He's STAYING Will Have You Ready To Run Through A Wall

"This is where I wanna be. This is where I want to win a National Championship...I love you. Let's go win a fucking National Championship"

THAT is how you address the team. That is the heartfelt speech this program needed. Touchdown Tommy officially back in the fold. Tommy Rees officially turned down Brian Kelly and all the money the state of Louisiana has to offer. 

And now apparently official...officially...Freeman did too

Brian Kelly thought he'd strip the guts out of ND, but now he is going to have to find his LSU staff on zip recruiter or linkedIn

The program is in good hands. The program is going to win a National Championship. I've never been more confident in this tweet

I really want ND in the playoff now. Give me that rock fight in the first round against UGA. Go get it done.