Marcus Stroman Shocks The World And Picks The Chicago Cubs

True story I almost crashed at Clark and Roscoe on the way home from work. Phone starts blowing up. Here comes Marcus Stroman to the Cubs defying all logic and sense.  I love everything about it even if it’s in this weird Bermuda Triangle of emotion. The lineup needs work. There’s no depth. Starting pitching just got much better instantly but you have to beat the Brewers and Cardinals at least a combined 20 times a year to win a division. No shot this moves us over that hump but it’s a big name pitcher with professionalism for days. Maybe you guys don’t like him but I love his game prep and approach and attitude. Would be a good person to elevate a starting pitching staff but that’s just me and my knee jerk reaction.  

Let me get home and park and do some more research. Cubs get Stroman. Everybody drive home safe.