Ichiro Showed Up To A High School Practice And Hit Nothing But Tanks

Ichiro just flat out loves baseball, and when you're as good as he is why wouldn't you? Back in January a high school team wrote a letter and asked Ichiro to come be a guest instructor for a practice. Ichiro took them up on it and showed up to practice this week and put on a show in some batting practice, including hitting a home run off of a building across the street. He's 48-years-old and still looks like he could play, with the way teams are throwing money around he may get a fat deal from this video. He's probably the best hitter we've seen in the bigs in the last what, 50 years? I've seen him personally put on a show in batting practice and there are always those stories about him hitting every ball he sees in BP out, he's a hitting machine and that hasn't stopped at 48. And look at the faces on those kids watching him hit. They were in awe. 

He's still absolutely shredded too, look at those calves! He's a legit star over there still, he's a god. The fact that he just showed up to this high school and gave them a full on instructional practice, that must be so damn cool for them. And it also shows how cool and awesome Ichiro is. He's a legend in every sense of the word and this proves it. Now I'm looking forward to seeing videos of him going to a few more high schools and killing it there as well. And I'm convinced he could still hit .270 if he played right now.