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NC State Just Landed Top-10 Recruit Robert Dillingham From ... Kanye West's Very Own 'Donda Academy'

I'll be honest, I forgot all about DONDA Academy. I blogged about it when it was announced and they immediately grabbed a couple big high school names. 

Well guess what? The season is actually going on. Donda is 3-3 playing against a bunch of other prep schools. In fact they play The Patrick School (RIPIP St. Patrick's) from Jersey on the 27th. So it's a bit opposite of a Bishop Sycamore situation here where they are 1) playing games and 2) not lying about who is on their roster. No idea what the class set up is or anything like that, but Robert Dillingham is a damn good basketball player. 

Shit, even Kanye showed up to one of their games in Atlanta. 

I still can't believe it's a real place, but it is. They are sending guys to Division I - like I said, they have a few other top recruits on the roster and a guy already committed to Old Dominion. I'll be curious to see if there are any problems with NCAA since it's a new school and everything that goes along with that. But for now NC State landed Robert Dillingham, who had a weird recruitment in general. Seemed like he was going to LSU then it was Kentucky then it ended up being NC State. 

I am hoping that they become a powerhouse strictly because it'd be hilarious. So many people would be clutching pearls if they saw Donda Academy on ESPN during the National Tournament they have for prep schools/high schools every year. Kim can go have Pete Davidson, Kanye has titles to win.