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Minnesota Wild Fans Set The Most Unbreakable Record In Hockey With This Massive Cup Snake

Gretzky stats are always outrageous. And for the longest time, we all just mostly assumed none of his records would be touched. Points in a season, goals in a season, career assists, career goals, career points, Hart Trophies, the list goes on and on. But we're getting the sense now that Ovechkin has a legitimate chance to reach Gretzky's career goals record. And if that's no longer totally out of the picture, well then it's not crazy to think that all of the records could eventually be broken. It'll take the greatest hockey player who probably hasn't even been born yet to do it. But if Ovi can break 894 career goals than almost anything is possible. 

I say almost anything because there's simply no friggin' way that anybody will ever be able to break this Cup Snake record set at the Wild game last night. That thing almost wrapped around the entire concourse. And that's while they were shit pumping the 'Yotes. Probably had some fans leaving early, probably had some fans who didn't even show up at all because they knew it was a dub. Could you imagine what that cup snake could have looked like if the Wild were playing against anybody that wasn't the worst team in the league? Like when the Leafs come to town on Saturday night? That thing would have fully wrapped around the concourse and probably made its way to the upper level. 

Wild fans deserve this spotlight. Minnesota loves their hockey. Unfortunately for them, they got their original NHL team uprooted out from under them and shipped down to Texas. Then they get the Wild who have been stuck in the purgatory of mediocrity since they've come into the league. I mean this team has never been a legitimate contender before. But now? They Wild are a wagon. They're on a 4-game win streak, atop of the Central division, Kaprizov is a bonafide superstar, Cam Talbot is putting together a solid season between the pipes, and now the fans are the world record holder for longest cup snake of all time. 

This could be the year for the Minnesota Miracle Men.