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WATCH: A High School Kid Starts Throwing Haymakers Out of Nowhere in the Postgame Handshake Line

Attention all remaining Carlisle High School (IA) basketball opponents: DO NOT piss off No. 4. I suppose that's assuming he's ever allowed to play again, but even if you just see this guy in the bleachers, it seems best to mind your P's and Q's. Carlisle lost this game to Nevada High School by a score of 72-47 and this kid quite obviously took exception with something that happened over the course of the 25-point loss.

I don't know that I've ever seen this. We see fights during games all the time when emotions spill over in the heat of the moment. But it's some true psychopath shit to remain calm all the way until you're shaking hands and then start raining haymakers on somebody at mid-court. He thought about this for an hour and methodically planned out an attack.

I can't stop watching this video. It's obviously horrible, but it's fascinating. The assailant starts out with a gut punch just to stun everyone, then he goes for the headshot. The Nevada player behind the poor kid getting knocked out had to make the decision at some point when he could let him down to the floor in order to avenge his teammate against this diminutive asshole. I need the next 10 seconds of this video, though. You can't just cut us off once they got the instigator to the ground. I have to know what happened next.

In probably the only good news to come out of this fiasco, these teams do not play again this season. Love to see the Casey's General Store logo on the court, though. A must-stop when in the Midwest.