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Someone Complained About OU Football's Wild 72 Hours ... So A Reporter Posted A Hilarious Thread To Prove Nobody Is A Bigger Mess Than Louisville

This is the tweet in question that leads to this thread: 

That's a long ass thread of just Louisville football. Think about all the times we joke about Louisville basketball and their problems. That's not even talked about here! Just the fact that the football program will always, ALWAYS, be a mess. They can't get out of their own ways and it's glorious. Coaches getting fired during a coach's show. Blaming losses on Call of Duty. Just Bobby Petrino in general. And truly one of most underrated hilarious college football stories out there - the Wake Forest radio guy stolen plays scandal. 

Watching Oklahoma freak out because a coach is leaving and trying to poach players is hilarious. That's what happens in college sports! This is a yearly thing and happens multiples times during the year. Sure, you're not used to it because you're Oklahoma and don't have coaches leave for USC, but this is normal. I promise. 

I am upset this kid deleted the tweet though. Just lean into it and own it. Pretend like nothing has ever happened as egregious as Lincoln Riley leaving for USC. Shit, you even got the compliance department tweeting about it. 

Just pretend like Oklahoma is going through it. Just pretend that no other college football program has ever lost a coach. But congrats to Louisville. Mark Ennis is a Louisville reporter! This isn't a Kentucky guy going out of his way to make fun of Louisville. Oh no. This is an insider just making sure that everyone knows Louisville will always win the wildest college athletics department in the country.