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A Round Of Applause Is In Order For This Fellow Large Gentleman After He Enjoyed A Drunk Apple

CONGRATS TO THIS LARGER GENTLEMAN! Us fats don't have it the easiest when it comes dieting and that's mainly because, well, we hate to diet. There's a few reasons we are in the fat community and those very reasons are that we hate dieting, we hate exercise, and we happen to really enjoy some good food. It's not rocket science to figure out. Although when someone does get into a good rhythm of dieting there's nothing else you can do but salute them which is what we are doing with this very blog that is being written.

As someone who has gained A LOT of weight in his life, and also lost some despite what all you twitter egg fuckers may say, by FAR the most difficult part of the diet life is the food while intoxicated. That urge to just fuuuuuuck up something on uber eats as you're on way home from a few hours at the bar is an urge like no other. And then let's say that you do happen to give into the urge you're not just ordering maybe a taco or 2 from Taco Bell...you're ordering enough fucking food to feed the goddamn Last Supper. It's a TOUGH scene which you need to avoid at all costs.

So good for this man eating his drunk apple. It may not have been exactly what the taste buds were craving at that exact time in his life but ya know what....It got he job done in defeating his drunken hunger and I'm sure he felt even better about the decision in the morning. Cheers.