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Spend Your Wednesday Jamming Out To The Legendary G Love and Special Sauce

The very first album I got my hands on was Sublime's self titled album back when I was 9-10 years old in the late 90s. If I could interview any artist, living or dead, Brad Nowell would be damn near the top of the list. Favorite band of all time

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His music lead me to other bands too, like Slightly Stoopid, Pepper, The Dirty Heads and eventually, G Love and Special Sauce. If you're having a shitty day and need a pick me up, I'm ordering you to do the following:

1. Grab your headphones
2. Type "G Love and Special Sauce" into the search function on your music vehicle of choice
3. Listen to them for a few hours 

Here's his Spotify link:

I DARE YOU TO TELL ME YOU DON'T LOVE THIS MUSIC. You can't. G Love and Special Sauce is the PERFECT fusion of rock, hip hop, blues and reggae. There's never ever ever not a good time to throw on G Love and Special Sauce. I've absolutely LOVED this band for 20+ years now. Garrett Dutton aka G Love is one of the very first artist who consistently pumped out music that I couldn't put down.

Fast forward to November 30th of 2021 and I had the chance to interview the LEGEND himself. And yes I said legend and there's nothing you can say that will make me think otherwise. No, he's not some commercially packaged artist that's bred in a test tube that gets a billion plays on whatever X streaming platform they have a billion dollar deal with, but he's one of those IYKYK guys. Anyone who's listened to G Love just a little bit knows how fucking great he is in every way.

To interview him was sort of surreal for me. One of those "holy fuck I can't believe he's on an interview with me right now" interviews. Shout out to my cohost Colin for setting it up. G Love's got story after story after story about his performance at Woodstock '99, how he turned down a tour with the Black Crowes, his start, his 2020 Grammy nod, and more. Dude's Forrest Gump. He's been every where and in every situation. 

Our music podcast is still cranking out awesome interview after awesome interview and we're going to bank a lot this weekend. We have Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray, Randy Houser, Russell Dickerson, and hopefully Rome of Sublime and then Miles of Slightly Stoopid.

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