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Trevor Zegras Is Already At The Point In His Career Where He's Just Toying With Drew Doughty

Z Baby is starting to add a few more dashes of cayenne to his game here, and all I can hope is that he doesn't end up getting a little too spicy for himself to handle. Imagine being Drew Doughty here. A 2x Stanley Cup Champion. A 2x Olympic gold medalist. A Norris Trophy winner. And here comes a kid who was probably just learning his multiplication tables when you were winning Stanley Cups treating you like some random duster at a Sunday morning shinny session. 

When you watch the slow-mo replay, the dangle obviously looks a little unnecessary. Like adding some peppercorn sauce to a perfectly cooked ribeye. Saucy? Sure. Necessary? For sure not. 

But then you watch the play develop in real time and how instinctual it was for him to sell the between-the-legs. It wasn't a conscious decision. It was just in his genetic coding to get spicy there. Puck gets knocked loose, he has about half a second to get to it and then another half a second to decide what he's going to do with it. And half a second is all it took for his silky smooth hands to override his brain and try to make something insane happen. Unfortunately it was a little too much for Sonny Milano to comprehend and he missed the easy tap in. But still. 

You just have to worry about guys lashing out after this. I mean the Kings are already on edge with Brady Tkachuk verbally eviscerating Brendan Lemieux. We wouldn't want Drew Doughty's wires to cross after getting embarrassed by the Z Unit. Jonathan Quick might be on his last straw with this kid as well. 

Sick puppy.