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Well Known Basketball School Ohio State Shocks The World And Beats Number One Ranked Duke

What a win. What a god damn win. Missing two of our best players, down 14 at half, absolutely horrific from the line and still come back to knock off the number one team in the country. EJ Liddell is a bad, bad man. missed some free throws early on but hit them when they mattered and hit that massive jumper to go up 3 with 10 seconds left. One of the best players in the country and he solidified that tonight. Zed Key my NY king dropped a 20 bomb and Cedric Russell from the clouds with a huge performance in the second half. This team has some magic in it. Maybe a little Virginia style after that debacle with Oral Roberts last year? Maybe….

Time really is a flat circle. The Buckeyes are back baby. I hope Columbus rages tonight.