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An Ode To A First Ballot Toy Hall Of Famer - The Koosh Ball Basketball Hoop

You may be wondering what the hell am I talking about? If you're thinking that you simply didn't have the correct childhood. If you're confused, watch The Dozen from yesterday. Specifically watch this question: 

Some would say this is where the game was won. A quick steal by your boy because the Koosh basketball hoop was a key part of my childhood. This is the toy I'm talking about: 

In fact my parents STILL have this toy on one of their cabinets so my son can play with it. You could dunk as hard as you wanted on this thing and it wouldn't break. It'd just snap down and you'd feel like the strongest kid in the world. It was an elite dunk contest rim. We had this bad boy hanging over a door in our kitchen and had all the space to throw the ball off walls and get a running start. It wasn't necessarily for 'shooting' but if you walked by this hoop, you bopped the ball out of the hoop and got a couple tosses in. It's something we all do. We all shoot laundry into the basket, we all shoot cans into the trash, etc. If you see a hoop, you shoot at it. 

Back to The Dozen for a second, I'm requesting - no I'm demanding - people put some respect on Hank's name. He carried us last game. This game he showed up with a bunch of right answers. The dude figured out the game and as the captain of the Misfits I'm requiring people give it up for Hank. At the same time, I'd like to say this for myself after the worst game I ever played.

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Now back to Koosh. The toy itself is great. We all had one growing up in the 90s. You would toss it in the air, stretch out the rubber bands and snap them, hope to not break it too quickly. It's one of the best balls you can toss back and forth with your boys while playing some N64. Maybe you're waiting your turn for Mario Party and see it. But it's an all-time toy. That's the point here. 


Go watch The Dozen 

Go buy a Misfits shirt, please. Pretty please.