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Looking For Inspiration? A Guy In Omaha Nebraska Just Finished His 22-Year Quest To Fill A State Park Quarter Map

I couldn't pick between the two gifs so you get both

We spent some time today on twitter talking about coins and US currency which will ultimately become a bigger conversation. But for now it's important to give credit to this guy - Joel Wunderlich from Omaha Nebraska - for finally finishing his state park quarter map. A 22 year endeavor finally put to rest that touches 4 different decades. For context, Albert Pujols was playing shortstop at an Oklahoma junior college when our guy Joel first opened his coin map. Honestly it's a body of work that deserves nothing less than your upmost respect. Congratulations Joel. 

Now objectively, I don't know the first fucking thing about the state park quarter scene. And don't get confused - I'm not trying to change that overnight. But I'm taking a big risk in this blog right now going cold turkey on the data. This very well could be a 3-month process if you know the right guy or put a little elbow grease into the hunt. Admittedly I couldn't point you one way or the other on this topic. It certainly seems rare but who knows. I reserve the right to be a complete moron in celebrating this guy. 

Well turns out I have no problem holding this bag. I challenge every currency enthusiast out there to do all 50 state park coins faster than 22 years. As of now Joel's in the clubhouse on Saturday afternoon scheduled to tee off in Sunday's final group. Only quarter guy in the field under par as far as I'm concerned.

Maybe I'm easy to please. Maybe state park quarters are hard to source. Either way there's no denying the power of an old fashioned quarter. Something minted out of Denver in the late 70's to early 80's with crisp ridges and good bounce. Those quarters never find their way into a Golden Tee because they're simply too special. And in comparison, there's nothing to really compare. That's the #1 coin and that assumes I've already heard your Sacajawea arguments. It's a good coin but not a classic quarter. 

Finally, and in the spirit of distinction, I'm completely out on nickels. Give me 5 pennies over 1 nickel or give me death. Anyone who disagrees is probably wearing cargo shorts and can afford the space. Personally I prefer a clean look and won't ever make room for the nickel. If that ultimately becomes my calling card then so be it. There's worse nicknames in life:


No Nickel Carl

Five Penny Carl

Coin Purse Carl

It's all deadly. 

Congratulations Joel!