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A Super Horned Up Elephant Went Crazy And Attacked A Jeep Full Of People In South Africa

Daily Mail- This is the moment terrified eco-students were forced to run for their lives after a six-ton sex-crazed bull elephant charged their jeep while on a tour in South Africa. Trainee guides were being driven through Selati Game Reserve on the edge of the Kruger National Park in South Africa on Sunday when they were charged by a bull elephant in 'musth' - a state of sexual aggression that occurs during mating season. 

How the fuck is this possible, man? We live in a world where not only does the movie Jurassic Park exist but like 100 sequels of Jurassic Park exist. Yet people still decide to drive Jeeps directly into the homes of the closest things we have to dinosaurs without asking first or wiping their feet and still act surprised that they are getting attacked. Actually excuse me, they drive into those gigantic monsters homes while they are horny as fuck during mating season. 

You should lose your safari license or whatever the hell they call it if you are within 100 miles of an elephant, rhino, or any other humongous creature with horns and that gray superskin while it's in heat. The Wonton Don is the only person that should be anywhere near a bull elephant in musth and that’s just because he’s a batshit crazy person that makes awesome content with dangerous creatures in Africa.

But regular people like you and I should be nowhere near super horny elephants, regardless of if we are in a Jeep or they are behind giant electric fences that can only go out if there’s a storm or a greedy computer programmer that can shut everything down as fast as a lightning bolt.

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Blogger's Note: I reread the article and apparently this was a group of guides in training? If that's the case, you shouldn't be allowed to get your safari license UNLESS you have your life flash before your eyes because you were near an elephant blinded by the mere thought of elephant pussy. If that doesn't scare you from ever going near an elephant in heat, nothing will. Suddenly I am starting to think that Cersei's army may have actually had an outside shot against Dany T's #superteam if the Golden Company had come through with some horny elephants.