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Bad News For The Office - Stu Feiner Is Sending Ideas To Lowering The Bar

This morning I woke up to find a DM from Stuart Feiner telling me to call him because he had an amazing idea for Lowering The Bar. People giving suggestions makes my job 10 times easier, but I was nervous to see how dangerous Stu's idea would be, and I was right to be nervous... 

I'm all for taking a handful of edibles and riding out the storm, but after hearing Dave's story on the Rundown about how he ruined Thanksgiving by getting too high makes me apprehensive for all involved. (fast forward to 33:20)

Dave accidentally took 150 mg and turned into a zombie at the dinner table, 225 mg of THC would turn people into complete coma patients. Figuring out how to get this done is the hard part. The Barstool lawyers aren't as cool with drugs as fun Uncle Stu, so we may technically have to go across the river to NJ where everything is legal.   

Im nervous, but I'm liking this new Stu outlook on life at the bar … 

This also makes room for an episode that's fun for everyone, but still may need lawyers.